Coincidental Affair

“No daddy, I can’t marry him, I don’t love him.”
Debbie yelled at her father.
“I’m not asking for your opinion, my dear. All I’m saying is that as your father I know what is good for you. The issue of marriage is not something you could handle lightly. I know what is good for you that is why I want you to marry my friend’s son. As you know that senator Glory is a good and responsible man so also is his son.
“But daddy, am not a baby, I know what I want. I can choose a husband for myself. This man you are so fond of, I don’t know him let alone love him. How am I going to marry such man?
“Love!! In the olden days, when our parent used to choose husband for a girl, there wasn’t nothing like love and those girls married and lived happily ever after. He’ll make a good husband for you, so I ever after. He’ll make a good husband for you, so I want you to prepare our self for him”.
“No daddy, this is a new era. No parents can choose for any one again. You don’t know my taste, please daddy I know you want a suitable, responsible and well to do man for me as husband but please daddy, let me search and seek for a man who’ll fulfill our dream for me as a husband; She knell besides her father.
“There is nothing to plead for my dear .Wisdom is our husband. You’ve been betrayed to him ok”.
“No, I wouldn’t take this from you. I can’t just take this”.
She ran inside her bedroom. Sadly, she sat on the bed sobbing “what an illicit idea! Why would daddy behave like some old man? He’s literate for Christ sake. How did he expect me to marry someone I don’t even know? Whether he is dark or fair in completion I don’t know. Is the well manner? Respectful? Beside I can’t leave Badmus I love him so also he love me”. She soliloquy crying.
That might at the dining table professor and Mrs. Celestial with her sat at the table eating their dinner. They have been eating for couple of minute when Mrs. William noticed that Debby had not joined them on the table.
“Rose, Rose”
“Ma. Am coming”
Rose come running from the kitchen with a handkerchief in hand.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m tidying up the kitchen, ma”
“Didn’t you tell Debby that the food is ready?”
“I did, ma”
“And what did she say?”
“She said she’s coming”
“Ok. You can go”
“Yes, ma”
Mrs. William went inside bedroom and met Debby sitting on the bed. She held a pillow to her bosom and tears ran down her cheeks. Her mother closed the down behind her as she sat beside her daughter on the bed and held her closer to herself.
“My dear, I understand why you’re crying. I heard what transpired between you and your father this afternoon.”
‘Oh! So you did? Why did daddy want to impose a stranger on me? Someone I don’t even know let alone love. I mean they don’t match make for children nowadays anymore. Am fed up, really I am.
“I know what is wrong with your father. He wants to make sure the tie between him and Senator’s family did not break. Hence, the issue of marrying his son.”
“Oh! Mummy, so daddy wants to use as an instrument against his personal wish. That is unfair, mummy, it’s not fair at all.”
Debby laid her head on her mother’s shoulder crying.
“ Can I ask you a question, mummy?’ She raised her head up and looked straight into her mother’s eyes.
“Are you in support of what daddy is doing? I mean are you together in this plan?”
Her mother shook her heard vigorously. “No, my dear, you know I’ll never do anything that will make you sad. Ok. Don’t worry I’ll talk to him about it. You know your father’s very stubborn when it comes to decision making but relax your mind I’ll do something.”
“Please, mummy. Talk to him. Let him realize that I don’t love this wisdom guy. Please talk to him.” Debby pleaded with her mother.
“I promise to do that…Now smile…”
Debby smile shyly.
‘Yes, that’s my girl.” Her mother patted her on the back.

∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞
When Mrs. William got to the dinning table, her husband has finished eating and was watching the National News in the sitting room. She finished her meal and joined her husband in the siiting room. She sat beside him on the sofa. Though she wanted to discuss the issue right there but she noticed he was engrossed in the news.
“better let the sleeping dog lies.” She did not know when she uttered the statement.
“What is it, Celestial?”
She fidgeted in her chair.
∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞
“Sweetheart, wake up.” Celestial woke her husband up who was heavily snoring.
“What is it now?”
He grumbled as he rolled from side to side.
“I want to discuss an important issue with you, precious”
“Can’t it wait till tomorrow morning? I’m feeling drowsy.”
‘No, Honey. It’s now I want us to discuss it.” Celestial insisted.
Murmuring, he sat up rubbing his palms on his face.
“Hmm!! I know that you’re a loving, responsible and caring husband and father too. You’re not giving me any cause to regret ever marrying you since we’ve being married. My husband, do you believe that what Taiwo did and succeed might not work for Kehinde?”
She paused for him to digest what she had just said.
“The fact that our parents chose us for each other in marriage does not mean we should do the same to our daughter, Debby. You know children of these days believe in love. Why don’t you let live her to her own fate and pray God should choose the right husband for her. After all she’s no longer a kid. I really……”
“It’s enough, woman. I don’t know that this is where you’re heading to. I really thought what you wanted to discuss very important issue with me. I am the head of this household; I know what is good for my daughter, so step aside for me to do so. Ok. Woman”
“Sweetheart, I’m not denying you of your authority but I just think you’ll have a rethink over the issue. Because it’s obvious Debby doesn’t love this guy in question.”
I said it’ enough. I’ve made my decision and there is no going back. I’m only waiting for her to finish our programme in school because I want her to acquire excellent result academically before she married. I know she was the one who sent you to me, now tell her that I’ve made my decision and it is final. One more thing, don’t ever wake me up because of this issue again right?”
He went back to sleep turning his back on her. Celestial could not sleep, sat up and pace up and down the room.
For Christ sake how could a man force his only daughter to marry a man she did not love? The fact at Senator Glory is a good family friend of theirs does not mean his son ill be a responsible and caring husband for only daughter. With him is a very strict person when it comes to decision making. Whatever he says, he does.
“No we’ll not fulfill his demand this time. Debby cannot marry this boy. No! She’ll marry a man of her dream. Enough is enough
Oblivious of what to do over the mater, Debby prepared for hostel the following morning. She has found it very uncomfortable living under the same with her father. She want the two of them to be in a separate environments. If he didn’t see around often as he used to maybe there would not be chance for him to impose a stranger on he in marriage.
The hostel was located at the right hand side of the campus. The female hostel was on the same blocks with the chief mistress dept. The chief mistress was assigned to monitor the students who reside in female hostel. And to inculcates good manners in to them.
“Heh! My friend has arrived. Debby, girl.”
Sandra shouted running from their room outside. She hugged Debby and helps her to bring her bags into their rooms.
Sandra was Debbie’s roommate as well as her bosom friend. The duo was always seen together in the campus. Majority of the people thought they were sisters because their ideas and behaviors are almost the same. Despite the fact that Sandra’s parents were not rich, Debbie did not give her room to lack anything.
Debbie shared everything she brings from home with her. Whenever she buys clothes or materials she equally buys in twos.
“How was home, my dear sister?”
‘Hmm! Sandy, they’re doing well; I guess.”
Sandra noticed that Debbie answered nonchalantly. She decided to allow her to rest for a while.

“Debbie, there’s something I want to tell you.” Sandra told Debbie while they were taking a stroll that evening.
“What is it?’. Her eyes shining brightly as the light dazzle her face.
“When you returned back from home this afternoon, I noticed that you were not happy. My initial thought was that you’re tired so I decided to allow you to rest but yet your mood hasn’t change. My instinct tells me there is something bothering you. Would you mind sharing it? Remember that a problem shared is half solved.”
‘Sandy, you’re very thoughtful. Hmm! Could you believe that I came back to school out of frustration? I could remember I told you about my father’s wish for me concerning marrying his friend’s son. Could you?
Sandra nodded; Debbie leaned against a rook tree.
“When I went home can you believe that daddy called me to remind me of his wish/ I felt devastated, I mean how could such a man as literate and exposed as my father still indulge in such act?. A guy I don’t know, how sure am I that he’ll be my taste? What if I didn’t love him? What’ll happen to Badmus?. Badmus is such a kind, reliable and responsible man. How am I to leave such a man just because of a total stranger, sandy?”
Her voice trailed as she started to cry. Sandra drew her closer to herself and consoled her. She assured her that everything will be alright.
“Stop crying, Debbie. Look, this isn’t a crying matter. I want you to believe that your father loves you dearly and he doesn’t’ want you to suffer. He thought his friend’s son will make a good husband for you just because his friend is a good man but parents don’t choose for children nowadays anymore. There are lots of things that must be considered before we can decide in marrying a particular man. Love is very essential in any relationship. Who knows whether you may not love this guy in question? Nevertheless, Debbie, let’s pray and hope that your father will change his mind one day. Meanwhile, I don’t want you to harbor this in mind. Remember education is the bedrock of success. No man is ready to marry a liability these days. Therefore, concentrate on your study and things will sort it out later.
“Huh! Alright, thanks, Sandra.”
“Now give me that smile. Smile now Debbie….Debbie.” Sandra tickled Debbie as she managed a smile.


Chapter 2

To be continue

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